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What a gardening t-shirt company has in common with native plants

Our mission

You might not think a company that makes gardening t-shirts would have much in common with native plants. But we do! Here are five ways Ironweed Apparel is a lot like a native plant. 

1. We're starting small. Just like a tiny coneflower or milkweed seed, we've got a long way to grow until we're big and strong and self-sustaining. We've barely managed to germinate, but just like a small seedling, with the right care and support, we know we'll grow into something beautiful! 

2. Much like us, native plants could use some good PR. While gardeners across Europe have embraced North American native plants, many homeowners here in the U.S. have yet to discover their merits. Certainly some serious gardeners are starting to adopt more natives into their landscapes, but the mass public is still busy planting introduced plants like daylilies, hostas, and peonies. Yes, those plants are beautiful, but native plants are, too. Part of our mission here at Ironweed Apparel is to sing the praises of native plants, both with our words and with future gardening t-shirt designs, but native plants need your help getting the word out, too. Go out and plant some natives in your garden, then tell a gardening friend about how great they are. And, while you're conversing with that friend, we'd greatly appreciate if you'd tell them about Ironweed Apparel, too!

what gardening tee shirts and native plants have in common

3. Our gardening t-shirts are tough as nails, just like native plants. We're big on making sure our shirts are made with easy-care fabrics that are breathable and comfortable to wear, regardless of whether you're digging in the garden all day or shopping at the garden center with a friend. Native plants are easy-care, too. They require minimal maintenance because they've evolved to thrive in our particular climate and soil conditions. 

4. We love bees almost as much as native plants do. There's mounting evidence that native plants are better at supporting our native pollinators than introduced plants. With the population of many of North America's 4000+ species of native bees on a sharp decline, we gardeners have a huge role to play in providing these valuable insects with nectar plants and habitat. Our garden here at Ironweed Apparel is a haven for native bees, with a broad diversity of flowering plants and habitat. In fact, we love bees so much that our next gardening t-shirt design is made for gardeners who love bees just as much as we do! Expect it to be available in time for the holidays.

5. While planting native plants is a far more noble mission than supporting our small business, both the native plants and our team at Ironweed Apparel appreciate every small act of support. The plants can't express their thank yous with words, but we sure can. So, on behalf of the native plants and us, THANKS for your support! 

If you're a Chlorophyll Junkie, just like we are, show it by making a home for native plants in your landscape. 

gardening t-shirt chlorophyll junkie

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