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How our gardening tee shirts are made

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We thought you might like a little glimpse into how Ironweed Apparel's gardening tees are created. Our shirts are designed and printed in collaboration with the fine folks at Commonwealth Press. We start the process with a raw concept, then we work with local Pittsburgh artists who take our rough idea and create a conceptual sketch for us to review. The sketch is then tweaked and refined multiple times until everyone's ready to run with it.

When all the details are settled, the artist then hand-carves the design into a wood and linoleum block. This traditional technique gives all of our designs the distinctive, rough-cut edges and gritty texture that make our gardening tee shirts so unique. 

From there, a physical printing made from the block is scanned into digital form. The cut lines are then removed from the design, if necessary, and at last we have our final version of the design, now ready for printing. 

Here's what our logo looks like with the cut lines still intact. Cool, isn't it? 

Gardening tee shirt logo for Ironweed Apparel

Once the design is finalized, the printers at Commonwealth Press then use traditional silk screening techniques to print the design onto whatever shirts we choose. Each shirt is printed individually to ensure high quality inking and to reflect the unique nature of the silk screen printing process.

Printing gardening tee shirt

When selecting shirts for each design, we look for comfort, fit, and durability. We use vintage-style ink when printing our gardening shirts, which is a thinner plastisol to give the fabric a nice hand-feel. In the future, we hope to carry each of our designs in multiple shirt and ink colors. 

We hope you enjoyed this little glimpse into how Ironweed Apparel creates our gardening tee shirt designs. Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter for updates on new designs, discount codes, and all around awesome news. 

Thanks for supporting Ironweed Apparel! 

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